How do we make a distributed financial network where 1 human = 1 node a reality?

Merkle-CRDT mechanism

No blocks, no redundant computations. Conflict-free Replicated Data Types mathematically guarantee that all nodes come to the same global state. Merkle-Clocks ensure logical continuity of events.

Public cluster of human nodes on Interplanetary File System

Human nodes form a distributed network through the first permissionless public IPFS cluster built with Merkle-CRDT. Together, they manage and replicate data ensuring its availability. It enables serverless distributed financial applications which developers and users can trust.

FHE of biometric data

User’s biometrics are fully homomorphically encrypted (FHEd) before leaving his device. Due to the nature of encryption, we still can use the data for authorization or key management keeping the personal information safe.

Biometric decentralized key management

Private smart contract built on Secret Network stores a root private key. Nobody knows it, even the user. With the root key users can generate as many keys as they want, controlling them through biometric traits or hard wallets depending on their security needs.

From multimodal biometrics to real-time verification

Multiple biometric traits are taken to ensure that no human can create two nodes. Later integration of real-time verification and brain-computer interfaces will make Sybil attacks not only unreasonable but impossible.

How does one become a humanode?